Saturday, October 19, 2019

Storage Area Network of Carlson Companies Assignment - 1

Storage Area Network of Carlson Companies - Assignment Example This paper illustrates that the effective way to implement a SAN requires computing different or all the existing servers by deploying multiple servers thereby allowing them to organize automatically by creating unconnected information islands. However, in the case of Carlson SAN approach, each of these created islands will be accessible to only one computer; therefore, if computer B needs to use information created by computer A, then computer B needs to copy such information from computer A. In this case, the computer A and B are not connected to a central server, but to independent servers. However, the current implementation of SAN requires a mode of operation or computation where the sourcing of information is from a central point, but accessing such information must be with a high degree of security. Moreover, the Carlson SAN approach mode of implementation requires backup, inter-process communication, and data transfer between different data source; however, the today’s implementation will not require backup since that data or the computing information will be in the cloud. Cloud computing does not require backup or interruption of systems or the flow of information during such implementations as such data or inhumation will be readily available to both the organization’s management and customers in the cloud. Cloud computing allows server Virtualization that does not require physical servers that reducing the interference of worker at some point of network maintenance or advancement.

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