Friday, October 18, 2019

Social Networks Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Social Networks - Research Paper Example It has by and large bridged the gap between willing buyers and sellers hence distance has proved to be no longer a challenge in transaction because it has enhanced communication between parties involved. Besides, the internet has proved to be man’s greatest innovative achievement and a popular instrument used in the performance of numeric functions and to enhance communication in the banking sector. Far from this, the internet which is synonymous to cyberspace has even dominated the health sector. It facilitates the distribution of power, enforcement of law and even delivers or retains very confidential information. However, since it is a public utility, the internet has caused much havoc to mankind because sometimes it has not been used for purposes for which it was intended. Some cyberspace users have abused the internet and have thus rendered it a vulnerable social, political and economic tool. Cyber threat has remained a top concern in most nations because of security conc erns. Research and study have found out that cyber security has continued to increase in intensity and sophistication with time. Its gravity has been witnessed everywhere hence this calls for great security concern in the entire world. As we can see, the ever-growing need to use internet services in our everyday life places individual users and even the government and organizations into a task of combating risk factors associated with fraud and sabotage of important information and sometimes the security threat to a person (Yar, 2006). Cyber space hackers have more than often hacked and tampered with confidential government and corporate information, which they use to cause security threats targeting not only government officials but also the common man. Cases of terrorism have continued to increase with time. This is alarming since massive loss of people and properties have been witnessed. The terrorists have routinely targeted business hubs and top government institutions. Victims of cyber attacks have reported that they have also lost massive investments in the process of cyber attacks. This is a matter of concern since no measures placed have proved reliable to curb this scam. According to a report by the National Academy of Sciences (2010), it has been noted that not even the renowned tech-savvy individuals and organizations have managed to stay immune to cyber attacks. Victims of cyber attacks have included important service providers like telecommunication companies, Google, travelling industries, defense and even the banking sectors. This shows that nobody is immune to threats caused by cyber attacks. However, some of the experts causing cyber threats have tried to justify their actions as not being in any way related to threat in the cyber. Some of the terms used to refer to these techs savvy that have sometimes used the internet for purposes other than what is intended have tried to create a distinction between themselves and real criminals. For inst ance, terms which have always confused computer users are hackers and crackers. As far as computer security is concerned, programmers have tried to bring out their argument that someone who tries to break into other computers is better termed as cracker because they use it for ill intentions. According to such experts, computer crackers are like criminals because they use the internet to cause security concerns to other internet users hence are sometimes called black hats. They cause security

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