Friday, October 4, 2019

CIPD ' understanding the organisations and the role of HR Essay

CIPD ' understanding the organisations and the role of HR - Essay Example Purpose and Goals The organizational goals are discussed below: The ABC Food Plaza will fulfill the needs and demand of customers through high quality food products. The employees of the organization will try to retain potential customers and target new customers through effective customer service. The organization will undertake sustainable business operation strategies in order to overcome several conflicts. Business priorities for 2014: 1) The organization will expand its outlets throughout the country in next three years to fulfill the market demand. 2) The organization will focus on business profitability in order to break even within three years of its business operations. Organizational chart of ABC Food Plaza The number of employees is 50 while company mainly targets the youth. The organizational chart is a sort of diagram that reveals the relation of a specific employee with another employee in an organization. This means the CEO or the director of the organization with all other employees of the departments such as strategy department, finance department, manufacture, Human resource, planning, operations and many others. In ABC Food Plaza, hierarchical organizational chart is followed in which, all sorts of plans and innovative ideas are given from the top-most authority. The same is presented in a graphical order as in the appendix. Impact of External Factors on Business Activities Political The government of the UAE is motivating the new entrepreneurs to start their business as it can help the country to reduce the challenges like increasing unemployment rate. Recently the government developed several policies for the fast food chains. Economical Global economic environment has been highly affected due to recent financial crisis and economic recession. People are trying to avoid the consumption of high priced products. Social Fast foods are quite popular among the people of UAE. Slowly and gradually, the demand for healthy food products is significa ntly increasing. Technological The organization is going to operate in a technologically developed country. The organization can get the access of advanced technology for the business purposes. Structure and Functions of the Organization The organization has board of directors, president and vice-president at the top of the structure. According to the decentralization structure, the managers of all the departments have the decision making authority. The organization has four functions, such as sales and marketing, operation, human resource and accounts. Impact of Different functions on performance of the Organization All the functions within the organization will work together in order to optimize the organizational performance. Effective strategy development of marketing managers and in-store operation activities will help ABC Food Plaza to meet the satisfaction level of the customers. Culture of the Organization The organization is following decentralizing structure. The organizat ion believes that effective and employee friendly organization culture can develop a conflict free workplace

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