Tuesday, September 24, 2019

My Life Experiences and Concepts Personal Statement

My Life Experiences and Concepts - Personal Statement Example Another teacher of same standard use to appreciate all the Students and help them in their problems and she also told an incident of a student of our school who was Absolutely not good at studies and left the school, but after that he was the one who invented the smallest Refrigerator one could ever see, by this I understood one thing that we should never underestimate anyone whether he/she is good at studies or not, we should always see that we help them in studies, help them in finding their hidden talent and this increases our own knowledge too. We should also not forget the examples of Great scientist, though they were not very good at their schooling they invented and discovered many things which are helpful to us even now, one of the best examples for the Great Scientist is of Sir Thomas Elva Edison. Some of the other good and bad things I learned from my collies, free classmates, seniors, and teacher are about spending life our own way, taking decisions for further studies and other major things. The most important thing a child, a student, a person does in his life is friendship, one should always make his friend, d with a person who is good nature and helping but making friend also depend on the mentality of that person.

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