Monday, September 9, 2019

History 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

History 2 - Essay Example "Keep fear away from me, Varuna, and hold fast to me, O emperor of Order" (Rig Veda 28:6). This line proves that Aryans believed in things that cannot be physically proven like metaphysics and God. Believing in such things can't be adopted as a result of discovering physical evidence in the universe. The Aryan mythology believes that God appears "as embodiments of natural phenomena" and as "allegories of the internal forces in the human bosom" (Schroeder, 1938, p. 60). This idea results in the idea that humans and other natural phenomena are similar to each other (Schroeder, 1938, p. 60). Since god appears as natural phenomena and internal forces, this view made Indo-Aryans love god without the fear that can be found in other religions like Islam. Varuna isn't praised in the Rig Veda as much as God is praised in the Quran. Paul Deussen (n.d.) supports this theory. About this theory he says: "While with the Semites God is above all master and mankind his servant, with the Indogermans [Indo-Aryan] the idea of God as father and mankind as his children prevails" (Schroeder, 1938, p. 61). The 6th line mentions that Aryans fear something and they ask God Varuna to take that fear away. Some lines mention the things that Aryans feared including the 9th line: "Move far from me what sins I have committed: let me not suffer, King, for guilt of others.

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