Thursday, September 26, 2019

Memristor Hardware Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Memristor Hardware Analysis - Research Paper Example Chua demonstrated a number of principles to expose that there was a ‘missing’ two-terminal circuit element from the family of â€Å"fundamental† passive devices such as resistor, capacitor and inductor. He named it as â€Å"Memristor† because it is a resistor with memory. He said that memristor exists in order to relate the flux in a circuit to the charge but during that time people couldn’t figure out what physics could give rise between flux and charge. People tried to find the causality of the two to find out their relationship. In the mathematical proof of Chua it just shows flux and charge are equal which means that any physical interaction that makes the mathematical equation true gives rise to memristor. He mathematically proved that memristors had features that are not able to generate by any mixture of the other three elements. A common analogy for a resistor is a pipe that carries water. The water itself is analogous to electrical charge, the pressure at the input of the pipe is similar to voltage, and the rate of flow of the water through the pipe is like electrical current. Just as with an electrical resistor, the flow of water through the pipe is faster if the pipe is shorter and/or it has a larger diameter. An analogy for a memristor is an interesting kind of pipe that expands or shrinks when water flows through it.   If water flows through the pipe in one direction, the diameter of the pipe increases, thus enabling the water to flow faster. If water flows through the pipe in the opposite direction, the diameter of the pipe decreases, thus slowing down the flow of water. If the water pressure is turned off, the pipe will retain it most recent diameter until the water is turned back on. Thus, the pipe does not store water like a bucket (or a capacitor) – it remembers how much water flowed thro ugh it (â€Å"HP Memristor FaQ†). The characteristic of memristor is

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