Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Proposal assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Proposal assignment - Essay Example Additionally, the effectiveness of learning support services is determined by outcome. The outcome resulting from the learning support services offered within the college of business have registered a high outcome of a registered 81.3 percent student retention rate. However, with necessary modifications, the college can further meet its objectives of attaining higher retention rates among graduates, diversify the learning services it offers and produce graduates equipped with necessary skills to face the competition in the outside world. As the associate dean of undergraduate business studies, it is essential that you embrace the fact that the learning support systems offered by the college need to be expanded and diversified. This is to ensure that new areas of student’s needs introduced by modern learning methods are addressed (43). The college of business offers learning supports services that meet the students financial, social and technological needs that in turn affect how learning services are delivered influencing student’s outcome. An analysis of learning support services offered to in -campus students and those offered to distance learning student’s shows major differences. While in campus students have the advantage of enjoying learning support services that address the three key areas of learning, distance learning students tend to benefit from technologically oriented learning support services only. This is a violation of student’s needs since the mode of learning does not change the student’s learning needs. The college of business, university of Houston offers learning support services in terms of tutoring, workshops and guidance and counseling programs. These services are structured to meet the institutional learning goals. Naturally, students can only benefit from these services if they are tailored to meet their specific needs. In-campus students can

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